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Spera Law Firm is a young and dynamic legal firm with a no-nonsense mentality, established in the centre of Heerlen (The Netherlands). The company was founded by its name giver approximately ten years ago. Spera Law Firm provides high quality legal services and each year our staff take extension courses for this purpose. On top of this, the legal developments in the different areas the company is involved in are closely monitored. This enables us to continuously provide a high level of legal services.

The firm represents both private individuals and companies as counsel, inside and outside the region. By working closely together with our clients we contribute to the realization of their objectives as effectively as possible. Open and transparent communication with clients combined with constant feedback to them enable us to react adequately and in time to new developments so that we may reach maximum results for these clients.

The company’s approach is characterized by businesslike, pragmatic and multidisciplined handling. We will represent your interests, both in the consultancy (preventive) phase as in the conflict phase (proceedings, negotiation, mediation). In providing service the firm aims both at starting businesses as well established companies in small and medium-sized enterprises. Furthermore, the company represents private individuals in disputes with third parties.

Method of Operation
Spera Law Firm has a unique approach towards each client. After all, each client is in a unique situation, which requires tailor-made solutions. Depending on the nature and the complexity of the situation a team equipped with multiple disciplines is put together. This is always done in close consultation with the client. The efforts to find the best possible solution are always made in close consultation with the client, in order to ensure that the intended purpose is achieved.

Due to the presence of an extensive system of know-how which is constantly fed with new knowledge, each of the Spera Law Firm staff will be able to serve you effectively and efficiently in the search for a solution. This way, you as a client will know that the best possible solution is found, but also that the appurtenant costs are justified.

Spera Law Firm applies a quality system which ensures that every step in the (consultancy) process and in proceedings is closely monitored and tested for quality without affecting flexibility, for that matter.