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Via this website we offer you the possibility to register your claim with us for collection. We will then send notice to the unwilling debtor on your behalf and demand payment of the amount payable to you.

Inception of default of payment
Immediate, cash payments are hardly ever made anymore in today’s business transactions. Goods and services are often supplied on credit. Some debtors do not comply with credit arrangements and fail to pay, or else pay at a much later time than agreed upon. Meanwhile you have met your end of the agreement but you do not get paid or you get paid much later thus running the risk that the continuity of your business will be jeopardized.

Good and sound credit management will prevent you from incurring financial difficulties and it will therefore increase your liquidity. Not only do we make this possible, we also have a successful track record regarding the collection of amounts payable from unwilling debtors. We have developed a unique debt collection process for that purpose, one that distinguishes itself from the system of other debt-collection agencies. (1) Speed, (2) clarity and (3) quality are the principle aspects to start a successful debt collection process.

Debt collection process
As we have mentioned hereinbefore, successful debt collection is characterized by speed, clarity and quality of the demand to the unwilling debtor and also, if payment is not forthcoming, from the follow-up actions.

The unwilling debtor will receive a demand letter on your behalf from us, on the same date that the amount payable and the underlying documentation (invoices, reminders and general terms and conditions) is presented to our firm. In this demand letter the unwilling debtor will be demanded in no uncertain terms to fulfill payment within 7 days of the date of the letter. In this letter we will also invoke our debt collection costs and the statutory (commercial) interest.

In case the debtor remains in default of payment he will receive a reminder with a copy of the debt collection summons and the notification that failure to pay the outstanding amount, plus the debt collection costs and interest as yet within 5 days, the summons will be issued. If payment does not follow after this, we will immediately proceed to seize assets (house, business premises, bank account or automobile) from the debtor. In order to lose as little time as possible the summons will be issued by the enforcement agent as soon as possible.

Successful debt collection
This whole debt collection process takes up no more than 12 days, starting from the day the amount payable is presented to us. After the 12th day follows the seizure of assets and the debt collection summons is issued by the enforcement agent. This is the start of the legal proceedings.

This tight policy of debt collection has shown that 65% of the debtors proceeds to payment and does not allow the case to come to a legal action. Besides this, another 15% of the debtors will make payment arrangements. The remaining 20% will let the case go to legal action. In view of the uncontested claim, the debtor has no chance of succeeding with such legal action.

The costs that we charge are € 30,= excluding VAT per debt collection for generating a file. When payment is not forthcoming and legal steps must be taken, including seizure of assets of the debtor and issue of the debt summons, the amount of the fee will depend on the amount payable. A claim of up to € 10,000.= will have a fee of € 90.= per hour, a claim of up to € 20,000.= will have a fee of € 100.= per hour and a claim in excess of € 20,000.= will have a fee of € 110.= per hour. All these amounts obviously are excluding VAT, costs and disbursements.

Recovery of costs from debtor
These costs will obviously be recovered from the unwilling debtor as much as possible. The fact is you have the opportunity to charge the debtor with debt collection costs if the debtor remains in default of payment. These are costs incurred prior to legal proceedings having been instituted. The level of these costs may arise from general terms and conditions, but in specific cases they may also have been agreed upon between the debtor and yourself. If nothing has been agreed upon, you may yet charge these costs to the debtor, now that the law explicitly provides the opportunity to have the costs of redress reimbursed extrajudicially. In all cases the debt collection costs must be within reason.

Successful debt collection starts with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer in the field of debt collection, who will be able to quickly and clearly assess the feasibility of your debt collection. Based on specific experience and know-how this lawyer will also be able to take swift and resolute action. We have the skills and we have developed a unique debt collection process which will lead to maximum results for you as entrepreneur. Try us out and experience that we rightly are successful lawyers in the field of debt collection.

General terms and conditions of debt collection
Our general terms and conditions apply to all debt collection cases, unless stated otherwise.

You may present your claim by filling out the debt collection form to the fullest extent, after which we will contact you by return.