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Have you incurred damages, for instance due to a traffic accident, an accident at work or a crime of violence? Often this will involve physical injury and personal suffering. In order to be compensated for this damage you must hold the other party (physician, civil-law notary, lawyer, motorist, employer, suspect and owner) liable. The issue involved here is that in most cases the other party does not acknowledge the liability and applying to the court is unavoidable. Good orientation and professional legal assistance from a lawyer specializing in compensation law is highly important in order to achieve a clear calculation of the damages.

Emotional aspects
Besides this there also is an emotional side that plays a role, for instance with traffic accidents and crimes of violence. We guarantee that the emotional side of the case will receive ample attention, rather than just the legal aspects. After all, in these cases it is not only about compensation of damages, but also about the acknowledgement of the (permanent) injury.

Calculation of damages
The damage that you have suffered and still suffer is calculated based on data from the past (damages incurred) and future developments (future damages). For instance this way, in case of a loss of capacity to work, any promotion you might have made if the accident had not ocurred willl be taken into consideration. Opportunities lost are also considered in compensation law. For a while now it is even possible to claim damages when you have witnessed a serious accident or when you have been confronted with the serious consequences thereof. This is called nervous shock damages: it concerns the mental suffering that is caused directly by the confrontation with the accident or the consequences thereof.

As the injured party you will always be required to clarify which damage you have suffered and which damage you will yet suffer in the future. We may be of assistance to you here, in order to chart this damage. We are familiar with every detail of this discipline and act on the highest level.

Expert legal assistance
However, you must be aware that compensation law is not an exact science, with an outcome that is known beforehand. Social insights change through the years just as compensation law develops further. A good, experienced and expert lawyer may produce a result here. We aim to operate swiftly and efficiently. The costs for legal assistance will be recovered from the other party as much as possible, so in many cases you will not owe us anything anyway.

Should you have incurred damages due to another party, one way or another, please do not hesitate and fill in the contact form to the fullest extent possible, so that we can be your partner and relieve you from some of the burden.