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Nobody enjoys being involved in legal proceedings, especially not you. It may so happen, however, that you require legal advice or assistance for some reason or other. In that case you have come to the right place. We look after your interests both in the advisory (preventive) phase and in the conflict phase. Our point of departure here is high-quality provision of legal services. In order to achieve this we follow extension courses and closely monitor legal developments, giving us an edge over our competition.

Lawyer’s fees
We can be clear about the costs for legal assistance from a lawyer. After having discussed them with you, these costs are laid down in writing upon acceptance of the case, so there will be no misunderstandings later. The costs will differ according to the level experience and the field of expertise of the staff member handling your case. Furthermore, upon accepting the case it is possible to agree on a fixed price with you. The case is subsequently laid down in writing and duly signed. If you have a legal expenses insurance, our costs will be fully covered by your legal expenses insurer. If you qualify for legal aid you will merely owe us a personal contribution, which depends on the level of your income. This personal contribution may vary from € 98,- to € 700,- which is a nonrecurring amount you will owe us for the whole legal action.

Legal expenses insurance or financed legal assistance
In the event that you have a legal expenses insurance you may qualify for coverage of the costs of legal assistance. You will be required to submit the policy to us, so we may obtain legal assistance for you. In the event that you do not have a legal expenses insurance, you may qualify for government-funded legal aid (subsidized legal assistance). We always check whether you qualify for this during the intake conversation. In this conversation we look at the nature of the conflict and your financial situation. In case it is uncertain as to whether you qualify for this, we will always apply for you to be assigned legal aid. Within a couple of days you will be informed if you qualify. If so, the state will cover the costs for legal assistance, subject to a personal contribution to be determined by a department of the Ministry of Justice. You will receive an invoice pertaining thereto from us, in due course. For more information on government-funded legal aid, please refer to the website .

Should your legal expenses insurance not cover our costs, or should you not qualify for government-funded legal aid, you will owe us a fee for works carried out by us. The works carried out are set out clearly in a timesheet, so you will always be informed of what works have been carried out in your file. Furthermore, it will always be possible to agree on a fixed price.

Spera Law Firm is affiliated with the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession and we even have our own complaints procedure as well. In the unlikely event that you should still be dissatisfied with the way the work is carried out you may turn to the internal complaints officer. You may also address the disputes committee in order to lay down your complaint for them to assess. Apart from this, lawyers are also governed by the regulations and disciplinary law of the Netherlands Bar Association. For more information please refer to the websites and .

Should you have any questions pertaining to the subjects discussed or otherwise, please submit them free of obligations by filling in the contact form to the fullest extent. Subsequently, we will contact you.