General terms and conditions of debt collection PDF Print E-mail
1.All assignments are solely accepted and executed by Spera Law Firm;
2.The client owes a fee per debt collection file of € 30,= excluding VAT, regardless of whether the debtor fully or partially pays and regardless of whether the debtor provides opportunity for recovery;
3.The client will twice write a demand letter to the debtor to demand payment from him;
4.In case that after the first demand letter payment is not forthcoming, the second demand letter will have a draft summons attached to it;
5.If the debtor fails to react in connection with the demand letters or else if the debtor (partially) contests the claim, Spera Law Firm alone will collect payment by legal means for the benefit of the client. Also when the debtor partially acknowledges the claim by payment thereof, only Spera Law Firm will then collect any balance outstanding by legal means. The client gives the mandate and assignment for that purpose to Spera Law Firm;
6.If the debtor does not contest the claim, the client will owe only the amount of € 30,= excluding VAT. These costs will be increased by the costs of obtaining information (extract from the Municipal Personal Records and Chamber of Commerce) and drafting court documents, solely in the event that these costs have actually been incurred;
7.When after demands have been made, the amount payable is not paid to the client, a special debt collection rate will apply for the client. A claim of up to € 10,000.= will have a fee of € 90.= per hour, a claim of up to € 20,000.= will have a fee of € 100.= per hour and a claim in excess of € 20,000.= will have a fee of € 110.= per hour. All these amounts obviously are excluding VAT, costs and disbursements;
8.Amounts outstanding by a debtor who is not housed in the Netherlands will be collected with the assistance of a lawyer established in the country of residence of the debtor. In such a case the full costs of legal assistance of the lawyer in question will be charged to the client;
9.The client will receive a settlement each time the debtor makes a payment. Amounts received will be transferred to the client within 7 days after having been received, under reduction of the costs;
10.In all cases not provided for here, the general terms and conditions of Spera Law Firm will apply.

Heerlen, 12 January 2009.