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Spera Law Firm focusses on business people and businesses in the small and medium-size enterprise category and the legal, financial and fiscal issues they may be faced with. Due to years of experience and expertise in this area, the firm is able to swiftly and resolutely look for a fitting tailor-made solution. Such a solution may sometimes turn out to be disappointing for the client, but subsequently we will always seek to offer him a fitting alternative that is at least as effective and efficient.

The firm seeks to provide high quality legal services against competitive rates. It is always possible to negotiate a price or fixed rate. All our staff at Spera Law Firm have widespread and general legal knowledge and besides this, they are specialists in certain areas of the law. Furthermore, the members of our staff closely monitor the legal developments of their specific area of expertise through continuous education. This way Spera Law Firm is able to warrant expert and thorough assistance.

Spera Law Firm covers the following areas of the law:

Business law:
  • Recommending legal forms;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Corporate takeovers;
  • Restructuring companies;
  • Takeover agreements;
  • Sale of companies (business transfer, share transfer);
  • Advice on relaunch of a companies

Insolvency law:
  • Recommendations on bankruptcies and debt restructuring (corporate recovery);
  • Debt Management Application;
  • Directors’ liability;
  • De facto director’s liability;
  • Liability in the scope of the inability to pay by the enterprise

Tax law:
  • Advice on business succession;
  • Disputes with the tax authorities;
  • Negotiations / mediation with the tax authorities

Debt restructuring:
  • Making extrajudicial arrangements for debt restructuring ;
  • Providing settlement under the Debt Management (Natural Persons) Act ex Section 287a of the Bankruptcy Act;
  • Providing settlement in bankruptcy