Labour Law
Labour law, one of the most capricious branches of the law, is fully in motion. As per 1 January 2009 the subdistrict court formula in dismissal cases was revised, while also in the field of unemployment legislation a number of things will change this year.

Almost everyone, both employer as well as employee, may become involved with employment law disputes, such as:
  • cases of dismissal;
  • sickness and reintegration;
  • workplace accident and employer’s liability;
  • clauses in the labour agreement such as probationary period clause, noncompetition clause or penalty clause;
  • reorganizations, mergers and takeovers;
  • leave;
  • amendment of the labour agreement;
  • payment of wages.

Obscure legislation
As the regulations in the field of labour law are not always easy to fathom, there often is a lot  of lack of clarity and insecurity. In order to remove the lack of clarity and insecurity it is highly important that the legal position of either the employer or the employee is charted at an early  stage; also to prevent, or else limit negative (financial) consequences. A lawyer specializing in labour law may assist you with this.

Experience and know-how
We are experts in the field of labour law and we will have no trouble guiding you through the tangle of rules and regulations. We will not only assist you with the legal proceedings, but will also provide support in the advisory phase so as to solve the dispute by agreement and thus preventing proceedings to drag on and take up a lot of costs; after all, a good settlement is always preferred over on-going proceedings.
We provide current, specialist and widespread knowledge on matters, so we may quickly get to the core of a case. Moreover, we will be pleased to update you on the most recent developments in labour law. We closely monitor these developments, which always gives us an edge over our competition. After all, specialized knowledge and expertise will determine the outcome of your case.
As we operate both on behalf of employers as well as employees, we are able to view issues relating to labour law from both sides of the spectrum. Because of our many years of experience we know exactly what the obstacles of the other party are and how we may anticipate these and we are therefore very successful at our job.

Should you have an issue relating to labour laws such as dismissal, a workplace accident, continued payment of wages or otherwise, please contact us, free of obligations. We will be happy to speak to you, also when you do not know what to do anymore and you have questions, we would be pleased if you would contact us. We request you to fill out the contact form to the fullest extent. Subsequently, we will contact you.